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Purple Vanilla

Amaranth Globe Preserved Flower Keepsake, Table Decor, Home Interior

Amaranth Globe Preserved Flower Keepsake, Table Decor, Home Interior

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Serenely simple and forever colorful, these slender glass bottles contain an everlasting connection to nature. Artist Nicole Do practices ancient Japanese techniques to select and handcraft each and every dried bloom. She then suspends her arrangements in traditional magnifying bottles filled with color-preserving mineral oil. The result is a free-floating work of art that enchants flower enthusiasts and helps colorize any living space. As with all gifts of natural beauty, no two are exactly alike.

Give the gift of long-lasting, natural beauty to that special someone in your life or collect these amazing botanical bottles for your own home. Add a sprig of colour and a burst of life to every room!

This flower is a sphere of absolute beauty, representing undying love and fierce loyalty. When you cant find the right words, surprise the person (or people) you love most with one of these extraordinary blooms.

Handcrafted by En Flor in Sydney, Australia.

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